Murchison Falls National Park

Situated 300 km from Kampala in the North West of the country and bisected by the Nile River, this park covers an area of 1, 480 square miles, making it the largest in the country. It is home to a variety of wild game including four of the big five (Buffalos, Lions, Elephants, and Leopards). Rhinos, which were poached into extinction within the park, can be found at a sanctuary located 7o km south of the park.

The park acquired its name from the Murchison falls formed at a place where the Nile forces it way through a narrow gorge and cascades downwards to become a placid river whose banks are teeming with buffalos, hippos, crocodiles and waterbucks. The vegetation is characterized by savannah, riverine forest and woodland and supports a variety of animal species beyond the big five such as giraffes, hartebeests, oribi, impalas, chimpanzees, and a variety of bird species including the rare shoebill stork.
The falls can be viewed at different vantage points including from below, while aboard a launch cruise boat that sets off at dawn, or from above where tourists can enjoy a picnic lunch while marvelling at the thundering force of the Nile as it crushes through a seven metre crevice towards a 45 metre drop.

Key Attractions
Sunrise/Sunset Boat Cruise on the Nile
Game Drive
Nature Walk to the top of the Falls
Sport Fishing
Bird Watching

Accommodation Options
There are several lodges within the park with Nile, Paraa, Chobe and Nile Safari lodges offering luxury accommodation facilities.
Budongo Eco Lodge offers eco-friendly cabins and low cost dormitories
Camping facilities are also available at the top of the falls but visitors must bring their own equipment.
Tourist Hostels are also available for budget travelers