Travel Advice

Getting Here: Uganda is easily accessible both by land and air. Overland journeys are most common with the neighbouring countries of Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania and daily flights are available to Entebbe International Airport from most major European, American, African and Asian cities.

Business & Finance: The local currency is called the Uganda Shilling (UGX). Cash can be changed easily at major banks and foreign exchange (forex) bureaus. At both banks and forex bureaus, small US dollar bills attract a much lower exchange rate than do US$50 and US$100 notes, and the rate for travellers cheques is about 2% lower than they are for cash. Exchange rates in Kampala are up to 15% better than is the case elsewhere in the country, so stock up on shillings while in the capital. All major banks have a network of branches and ATMs throughout the country and some in big cities like Kampala, Jinja, Mbale and Mbarara accept international credit cards. During commercial transactions in local markets and small retail shops, bargaining is a common practice although this does not extend to larger stores and supermarkets which generally have fixed prices. Government offices and businesses in Uganda are usually open between 8.0am and 5.00pm, with a short break for lunch between 1pm and 2pm. Most shops and banks do not break for lunch, but some banks close as early as 3.30pm. Local restaurant hours are typically between 7am to 9pm, and international-type restaurants are open 11.30am to 2.30pm and 5.30pm to 10.30pm.

Health & Safety: Uganda is a generally secure country and the capital Kampala is consistently ranked among the safest capitals in Africa. However precaution should still be taken as opportunistic crimes such as pick-pocketing and car break-ins do occasionally occur, especially after dark. Malaria prophylaxis is mandatory before visiting particularly for those from non-endemic regions of the world, and it is also advisable to carry insect repellant as well as sun screen, although these are also readily available in most large pharmacies throughout the country.

Visas: The Uganda Visa Policy uses the principle of reciprocity, that is, all countries that require visas for Ugandans are visa prone in Uganda. Ugandan visas are available at all major land borders and at the international airport in Entebbe. Single entry visas valid for up to three months cost US$50 (40 Euros), while multiple entry visas valid for 6 months cost US$100. Visa renewals while in the country can be made at the Immigration Office on Jinja road, east of central Kampala.

Electricity: 240V 50HZ (UK Plug Type)